About Us


The mission of NAMI Orange County is to provide emotional support, education and resources for families, and those affected by mental illness. In collaboration with the entire community, we advocate for a life of quality and dignity, one without discrimination, for all those persons affected by this illness.
At NAMI-OC, we define ourselves by the value we can provide to those that need our services.  We believe that this website helps support our “value” goal.  It is easy to navigate.  For any subject you cannot find, please use the “search” feature which will list all the pages on our site that contain the “key word” that you enter into the search box.

What is sometimes forgotten when dealing with people suffering from a mental illness is that they are people, sick and suffering from a disease of the brain.  It was not their choice.  Mental illness is a disease just like diabetes or cancer.  Mental illnesses are quite common.  At least 12% – 20% of the people living in Orange County will experience a diagnosable and disabling mental illness each year. Because of stigma and the fact that these diseases can affect cognitive abilities, fewer than one in four people will ever seek any medical or other help.   A great number of them commit suicide and those that do not have a life span 25 years shorter than the average American.  The impact on the families whose loved ones are affected by these diseases is equally as devastating. NAMI-OC is here to help.


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